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Somerset Road

Residential Rear Extension, in Conservation Area.  

221010_Rear View.jpg

Cut Top view of the Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Site Description

The property is located in Brentford, within the London Borough of Hounslow.
The property consists of large semi-dettached house, over ground floor and first floor. The property is accessed through the front, via Somerset Rd and it has a mature tree at the rear of the garden. The site is located within St. Paul’s Conservation Area, but it it not Listed, nor Locally Listed. 
It brings positive contribution to the Conservation Area. On the right hand side, aerial views and a site location have been provided.


  • Semi-detached house;

  • London Borough of Hounslow; 

  • Existing Site Area: 310 sqm; Existing Property GIA: 172 sqm; Proposed Property GIA: 182 sqm;   

  • Full Planning


YEAR: October 2022

External Axo.jpg
Interior 1.jpg
Interior 2.jpg
Sommerset rd.JPG
221010_Rear View.jpg

Site Description

The site consists of a small detached bungalow in a residential area. 
The bungalow has a protruding curved bay window, a hip roof & rear conservatory-style extension. The property is accessed via the main road & timber fence, onto the front driveway pebbles. The property has an extensive rear garden, with an existing garage, garden shed & small glasshouse. 

This Application seeks feedback and advice on the acceptability of the following proposed works: 

1. Proposed demolition of the existing garage & garden shed.

2. Proposed new rear extension (single storey) with flat roof and 3 x skylights – 9 x 8.5 x 3.5 m.

3. Proposed new side windows.

4.     Proposed retention of the front hipped roof and extension of this at the rear (app. 6.5 m) with a straight face and gable roof.
5.    Proposed new materiality for the exterior.

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