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Butler's Wharf

Penthouse development near London Bridge (Grade II Listed Building)

Butl 4.jpg

Butler's Wharf view near London Bridge

Butl 1.jpg

Butler's Wharf view near Shad Thames

Site description

The property forms part of Butlers Wharf, a grade II listed building that was substantially rebuilt internally in the late 1980s and converted for a variety of uses including residential. The proposals involve minor alterations to the interior layout of three flats relating to the reconfiguration or demolition of modern stud or blockwork partitions, looking at creating one single large apartment. 
The existing building was constructed in 1871-1873 as the largest
 warehouse in Butlers Wharf, a complex of warehouses situated on either side of Shad Thames. Falling derelict by the 1970s, permission was granted in 1986 by the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) for the conversion of the building for a variety of uses including retail and residential. The conversion works saw the removal of most of the interior and the residential layouts for the flats in question are comprised of modern fabric and finishes.

Collaborators: The Heritage Practice (heritage consultant); Interpolitan (planning consultant); MTS Design Studio Limited (interior designer); 

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