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Flat Renovation within a Grade II Listed Building, including structural works, new kitchen, 2 x new bathrooms and general refurbishment. 


Cut Top view of the Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Site Description

The site consists of a small detached bungalow in a residential area. 
The bungalow has a protruding curved bay window, a hip roof & rear conservatory-style extension. The property is accessed via the main road & timber fence, onto the front driveway pebbles. The property has an extensive rear garden, with an existing garage, garden shed & small glasshouse. 

This Application seeks feedback and advice on the acceptability of the following proposed works: 

1. Proposed demolition of the existing garage & garden shed.

2. Proposed new rear extension (single storey) with flat roof and 3 x skylights – 9 x 8.5 x 3.5 m.

3. Proposed new side windows.

4.     Proposed retention of the front hipped roof and extension of this at the rear (app. 6.5 m) with a straight face and gable roof.
5.    Proposed new materiality for the exterior.


  • Bungalow

  • Buckinghamshire Council, SouthBucks; 

  • Existing Site Area: 567 sqm; Existing Property GIA: 66 sqm; Proposed Property GIA: 162 sqm;   

  • Full Planning

COLLABORATORS: HRPR Associates (Structural Engineer);

YEAR: October 2022 - on-going


Proposed internal view 1 - looking towards the living room


Proposed internal view 2 - looking towards the living room


Proposed internal view 3 - looking towards the kitchen


Proposed internal view 4 - looking towards the kitchen


Proposed internal view 5 - looking towards the rear outdoor deck

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