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Pandora Road

Period renovation, with rear and side extension in West Hampstead. 

220620_Axo Cut_GOOD 3.jpg

Proposed cut across new extension

 Proposed Extension - Process and Iteration

The property consists of a three-bedroom flat situated in an end-terrace maisonette. The flat is split across two levels (ground floor and a lower ground floor level), with a rear sunken garden. The proposals seek options to extend into the garden and infill the side of the ground floor.  Multiple options were tested (in yellow), two initial concept models and structural variations helped agree and direct the designs and priorities of the client.  


  • Period Victorian Maisonette; Not Listed, Not in Conservation Area; 

  • London Borough of Camden; 

  • Existing Flat: 62 sqm; Proposed Rear Extension 6.4 x 5.6 m;  

  • External charred (yakisugi-style) timber cladding. 

  • Oriel Window

COLLABORATORS: BCU Engineering (Drainage & Site Investigations), Echro Project (Structural Engineer), Derek Monnery (Quantity Surveyor), At Space (SAP)

YEAR: May 2021 - on-going

Axo Options 1.jpg

Option I - Proposed diagrid rear extension, with partial glazing/ covering roof and brass window frames.

Axo Options 2.jpg

Option II - Proposed angled extension, butterfly roof & charred timber cladding

Existing Elevation.JPG

Existing Photos of the existing extension (to be replaced), front period-styled facade & sunken garden with timber fence (to be replaced). 

 Existing & Proposed Floorplans

The scheme seeks to replace the existing rear extension, with modern, updated specifications. The new extension would have skylights above the kitchen and living room, as well as large sliding doors and a built-in oriel window seat. Clad in charred timber, the color would contrast with the existing London stock brick and would create a fresh and modern look. 

The existing timber fence would be replaced with a new external brick boundary wall and garden would be renovated. Proposed deep retaining walls and structure due to proximity to an old Pear tree, dating back to app. 1870, when the site was an orchard (before the West Hampstead development driven by the Victorian Railway. 

Existing Section.JPG

Existing & Demolition (in red) Floorplan and Section

Proposed Section.JPG

Proposed Floorplan and Section


Cold & Warm 'Darks' - the proposed material palette included looking at a series of high-end Yakisugi-timber cladding, burned Japanese cypress with some amazing textures. Samples from Nakamoto Forestry. Proposed external floor - Florence Grey paving, furniture fabrics from John Stones of Elgin, perforated metal staircase and zinc roof. 

220130_Samples 3.jpg

Charred timber cladding samples - Yakisugi - timber & interior materials

Rear Elevation.JPG

Proposed Rear Extension - Materiality (artistic impression)

220531_Corner View _Proposed.jpg

Proposed Rear Extension - Street View (artistic impression)

220531_Side Elevation_Proposed.jpg

Proposed Rear Extension - Street Side View (artistic impression)

220308_Pandora_Kitchen View.jpg
220308_Pandora_Kitchen View 2.jpg
220308_Pandora_Sofa Seatting.jpg

Initial Interior Views of the scheme (without the wall between the kitchen & living room)

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