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St Leonards

Flat Renovation within a Grade II Listed Building, including structural works, new kitchen, 2 x new bathrooms and general refurbishment. 


St Leonards On Sea

Site Description

The site,London Road, is located in St. Leonards-on-Sea, Hastings. The site consists of a three storeys property, currently used as office space (at lower ground floor, ground floor, first and second floor). The property forms part of a terrace of nine properties that date from the second half of the 19th century. 


The project proposes a change of use (from offices with use class E(c) ii to 3 x flats/ C3 residential accommodation) to lower ground floor, ground floor, first and second floors. Ground Floor use to remain within Use Class E. The proposed works include renovation, internal alterations, ground floor shopfront alteration, a small rear extension (at lower ground floor, ground and first level) and window repair & replacement. Small front excavation and reinstatement of light pavers. 


  • Change of use from Office to Retail & 3 x flats; 

  • Hastings; 

  • Existing GIA: 205.5 sqm; Proposed GIA: 211.3 sqm; (Typical flat app. 45 sqm);  

  • Full Planning & Building Control Applications;

COLLABORATORS: Blue Engineering (Structural Engineer), Assent BC (Building Control)

YEAR: October 2021 - on-going

220710_London Rd 1.jpg
220710_London Rd 2.jpg
220710_London Rd 6.jpg
220710_London Rd 3.jpg

The site is situated within King’s Road Conservation area, facing the main street - London Road. The site is not listed, however brings positive contribution to the Conservation area, as it is considered to be one of the properties that has been better preserved. 

Site characteristics
The properties on London Road have all been subject to some alterations, particularly to the ground floor shop fronts, fenestration & ornamentation. 

The site is considered to be one of the properties that has been better preserved, retaining its original timber sliding sash windows at first and second floor, moulded windows surrounds at first and second floors, window hoods at first and the fascia and pilasters of the traditional shop front & party walls. The existing butterfly roof is typical feature of these terraces properties. 

Please see some photos of some of the details which offer a special character to the property. 

08- London Rd 1.jpg

Proposed Shop & External Facade

The existing front facade is a stucco painted light blue-purple hues. In some areas, it is ‘lined out’ to suggest, if not to imitate ashlar. The decorations are painted white. 

The proposed facade is looking at repainting the front facade (using warm light yellow tones), while keeping the decorations white. 

The design is seeking to retain the shopfront layout, with a shared access door to the side. The sign for the commercial space will be painted in warmer colours and logo/signage will be detailed.  

Lonodn rd 4.JPG
08- London Rd 2.jpg
09- London Rd 1.jpg
Lonodn Rd.jpg
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