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CYENS, Agora Building, Cyprus

Renovation & furniture design for the new Agora Building in Nicosia, Cyprus. Proposed co-working spaces and innovation labs, offices and communal space design. Project in collaboration with Constantina Avraamides, from CA Architecture. 

CYENS 1.jpg

CYENS - Agora Main Hallway Space

CYENS Centre of Excellence (formerly known as RISE) is the Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in Cyprus focusing on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies aiming to empower knowledge and technology transfer in the region. It is a joint venture between the three public universities of Cyprus - University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, and, Open University of Cyprus- , the Municipality of Nicosia, and two renowned international partners, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany, and, the University College London, United Kingdom.


CYENS - Agora Proposed Floorplan

CYEN 1.jpg

Main Entrance

CYEN 6.jpg

Corridors and Proposed side meeting rooms

CYEN 7.jpg

Proposed ''Glass box'' insertion

CYEN 3.jpg

Main Hallway Space

CYEN 4.jpg

Proposed stairs

CYEN 5.jpg

Proposed first floor hallways

The second stage of the project included a public interior and furniture design exercise.  The vision was to create a flexible campus ''meeting point'', offering flexible spaces for multi-purpose activities (presentations, exhibitions, reunions); spaces to eat, socialize, relax and play. The furniture provided an opportunity to be modular and flexible, to introduce color (that would contrast with the grey background) and introduce accents of planting to soften the space. We explored rectangular, triangular and curved modules.  

230627 - CYENS - Option 3

Proposed modular furniture options

230627 - CYENS - Option 3.jpg

Proposed Overview - Curved modular furniture

Opt 3 - 5_edited.jpg
230627 - CYENS - Option 2.jpg

Proposed Overview - Triangular modular furniture

Opt 2 - 4.jpg

Proposed Overview - Curved modular furniture

Proposed Overview - Triangular modular furniture


Proposed roof terrace

2- CYENS.jpg

Existing concrete roof


Existing Ground floor - under construction


Existing Ground floor - under construction

1- CYENS.jpg

''Old Meat Hall'' (The Old Market Place in Nicosia (Greek side)

3- CYENS.jpg

Proposed first floor renovation


Existing roof terrace


Existing First Floor meeting rooms & offices 

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