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Thaneer Platform

Year 5 Final Project (2016)

Water Tower for rainwater harvesting


Physical Model Mixed media

The Water Farm Scheme

The proposal performs as elevated micro-water sheds that separate the storm water and mitigate the effects of the monsoon. 

The project slows down the movement of rainwater for better recharge of the aquifer and prevention of flooding; by spilling out excess water, managing its flow direction and finally directing it to the marsh area.

The resulting masterplan imagines the creation of 5 ‘liquid’ episodes. 
1. The Water Farm Tower – collects rain (Harvesting)
2. Wet Digestor – treatment and filtration of grey water (Filtration)
3. Liquid Vassells – storage & tanks of water distribution (Distribution)
4. Thaneer Platform – social engagement and ‘accumulation’ of activities
5. Re-Charging Pools- Aquifer re-charge sink holes 

Capture 2.JPG
Capture 3.JPG

Master Project
Previously, two separate houses, the property dates probably C17. Two-storey timber-framed and plastered, roofs tiled; cross-wing south end with projecting upper storey on the front on curved brackets, it is located in the small market town of Hadleigh. In 1880, the site appeared on historic maps for the first time, remaining with a similar footprint until 1970. “Hunters” was the home of Glyn Morgan, who has been described as one of the most original painters of the last century.  


Laura_Nica_Catalogue 3.jpg
Laura Nica_Hybrid Hydrology_DS1850.jpg
Laura Nica_Hybrid Hydrology_DS1846.jpg
Laura Nica_Hybrid Hydrology_DS1869.jpg
Laura Nica_Hybrid Hydrology_DS1870.jpg
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